August 20, 2009

Got the sides bent and inserted into mold.  First step is to install neck block.


Then end (butt) block.


After sufficient drying time, it looks like this.


The sides are just at the limit in size, so I did a little bit of radius sanding with the 30′ dish, and installed the top kerf with a large amount of proud at the waist.


Neglected to show the soundhole removal end result yesterday.


Tomorrow, I’ll radius sand the top again with the kerf in place to get it fully aligned, then tackle removing side material from the back side in preparation for the 15′ radius sanding of the back, followed by installing the back kerf.

I procured a new roll of sandpaper for the drum sander and should be able to bring the walnut sides down to thickness for the bender.  I should be able to bend the walnut for 905 and get it into the mold.  As well I can thickness the spruce top and walnut back and prep the bracing for both 905 and 906.  If there’s time, I’ll join the top and back plates for 905.