November 30, 2009

I had the honor of taking an inlay class from Rick Davis at Sound Guitar Workshop.  The customer for guitar 905 wants a custom inlay of his baby’s handprint, and I have not yet ventured into the cutting of shell.  The class was an excellent introduction to design, cutting and inlaying.

We itemized the necessary tools and jigs, of which I have procured a jeweler’s saw, 3/0 blades, some “Burr Life” blade lubricant, and have constructed a jig/platform for the cutting of shell.


The customer has given me a jpeg with the handprint which I will use as the outline to cut the shell.  I’ve ordered shell blanks which are in transit.


This torch inlay will be used on the fret board.


The handprint was turned into an outline on photoshop by good friend Tom.  I will print it, then glue it to the surface of the shell as a guide to saw.