November 24, 2009

Worked on the fretboard and headstock inlay by gluing the pieces to the surface and then tracing a pencil line around the shell.


Look closely to see the pencil lines in the peghead.  I will use the Dremel to route out a channel to these lines.


This is the inlay glued to the fretboard.  A pencil line is scored around the inlay, then the inlay is removed.  I returned the inlay to double stick tape on masonite to maintain the pattern.   I used the Dremel with a 1/32″ bit and started routing the fretboard.  About 20% into the full pattern the bit snapped.  $25 down the drain.  I used the 3/64″ bit and got to 70% of the pattern and the bit snapped.  Goodbye another $25.  This is the second go around for both these bits and it wasn’t because I wasn’t careful.  I think that if these things are going to keep snapping, I should only have to pay a few bucks for each.  Crap.

Well, since I know of no local source, I’ll have to order and wait for delivery before I can continue.

C’est la vie.