May 6, 2010

For the second year, sMg Guitars donated the building of a custom guitar to the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s annual auction.

Just as last year, the bidding was frenzied and a very nice sum was garnered for the PNC.  The winning bidder lives a couple of blocks away, and this Monday we sit down to talk about design, tonewoods, and the frilly stuff.

Coincidentally, I am departing my day job on Monday, and I’m anticipating getting back into the workshop and having the luxury of focusing on building and repair.

Guitars 905 and 906 are nearing completion, and I have an obscene backlog of repairs and restorations waiting to be addressed.  The weather looks promising for the next week, so I’ll have to balance the need to get work done with the need to bask in the sun.