September 20, 2010

Now that the inlay for the headstock has been cut and mounted on card stock, it was centered and glued to the headstock.  The perimeter of the inlay was used as a guide to score the ebony faceplate.  A knife was used to pry off the glued inlay.  Left behind is a nice scored outline of the inlay, and a dremel tool with an end mill is used to route out the cavity.


The inlay was dry mounted into the  cavity to check for fit.  After a few adjustments, the inlay rests nicely in the cavity.


Black epoxy is mixed up and the cavity is flooded, the inlay squooshed in and then more black epoxy is glooped on to the surface.  Parchment paper is laid on the surface, with a wood scrap on top weighed down to press epoxy into any gaps.  This will be left to dry for 24 hours before sanding to reveal what I hope is a very nice design.