September 19, 2010

The raven design size will by 80% of the original to fit nicely on the Gibson-like headstock shape.  Using reproductions glued to MOP and paua, the shell is cut out in sections.


The majority of the design will be in MOP with accents and teeth using paua.  This photo shows the first sections ready for cutout on the shell sawing jig.

Once the MOP is all cut out, the paua accents are cut.


After cutting the final pieces, they are glued to card stock.


After the glue dries, the card stock will be trimmed flush with the shell, then any rough or misaligned edges will be filed smooth.  This assembly will then be glued to the headstock and a cut line will be scored all around the inlay.  The glued inlay will be removed from the card stock and the headstock and the cavity will be routed out using a dremel.

The individual pieces will be placed in the cavity to determine final shaping of each piece before gluing in with black epoxy.